The town of Sulzano, in a strategic position on Lake Iseo, allows for numerous excursions in the immediate vicinity.
Starting from our house, following the Via Valeriana, you reach paths that cross chestnut woods and pastures leading to Santa Maria del Giogo.
From Marone, several cycle paths depart for magnificent bicycle tours, including the Panoramic Road expressly designed for cycle amateurs and runners.
Going up the lake to the north, you can reach Monte Guglielmo, a spectacular viewpoint over Lake Iseo and the surrounding valleys, from whose summit, on clear days, you can see the Dolomites to the north and the Apennines to the south.
Still heading north, along the road that leads to Zone, you can admire the Earth Pyramids of the Nature Reserve and then reach the Camonica Valley, a land rich in history and famous for its rock carvings (Natural Park of Rock Engravings of Naquane).
From the landing stage in the town of Sulzano, guided boat tours depart for other locations on the lake.
In a short time it is possible to reach Peschiera Maraglio, on the island of Monte Isola, which is the largest lake island in Europe, completely pedestrian, an ideal destination for nature excursions.
In Monte Isola there are numerous artisanal products, such as the famous DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Cure salami and the particular preparation of lake fish and tasty sardines.
Every five years (the next event is scheduled for the year 2025), the traditional and famous feast of Santa Croce has been held on the island for the past century and a half, from 14 to 20 September. On this occasion, the streets, houses and churches of the town are decorated with two hundred thousand handmade paper flowers. A magnificent event not to be missed.
In 15 minutes you can reach the Sebino Torbiere Nature Reserve, declared a "wetland of international importance" according to the Ramsar Convention and Site of Community Interest (SIC) of the Natura 2000 Network, it is considered a priority area for biodiversity in the Plain Lombard Padana.
To reach Franciacorta, a land rich in hills and world famous for its wine, it will not take more than 15 minutes.
For golf lovers, the Franciacorta Golf Club is available with its prestigious 9 courses.
In just 25 minutes, you can reach the Roman city of Brescia "the Lioness of Italy".
In the city you can visit the Monastic Complex of San Salvatore - Santa Giulia of Lombard origin, a UNESCO heritage site.
The main public buildings of the Roman age are concentrated in the adjacent archaeological area of ​​the "Capitolium", on the ruins of which the Lombards built homes, productive activities and burials.
Unique in Italy and in Europe for its exhibition concept and location, the City Museum,
allows a journey through the history and art of Brescia, from the prehistoric age to today, in an exhibition area of ​​about 14,000 square meters.
In about 60 minutes it is possible to reach Milan.